How to Smoke a Cigar Like a Pro

Cigar smoking begins with a ritual that involves cutting, toasting and lighting. Here are some guidelines that will assist you resemble a true cigar fanatic.

First, utilizing your cigar cutter of choice (although we choose the guillotine), make a deft cut or opening at the head of the cigar– the closed end, aka the part you will be putting in between your lips.

Do this above or at the joint that you will see at the shoulder, or sloped part of the head. When cutting a cigar, if you cut too far down into the cigar, listed below the joint, the entire cigar could unravel so beware where you make your cut.

Next, prior to you light it, put the cigar to your lips and draw through it. It should draw efficiently. If not, it is too tightly rolled (where case you must get a new cigar, due to the fact that things won’t get better) or attempt making a somewhat bigger cut to confess more air. But again, don’t cut too far down since you do not want the wrapper to come off.

Whether using a wood (not cardboard) match, butane lighter, or cedar spill, the lighting ritual is the very same. It starts with toasting the foot of the cigar to prepare it for lighting. With the cigar at a 45 degree angle, hold the suggestion of the flame straight beneath the foot or tuck end of the cigar. Never let the flame touch the tobacco and danger charring that gorgeous (and expensive!) wrapper. The tip is the hottest part of the flame, and you wish to toast the open end of the filler leaves to dry them out (keep in mind, your cigar has been– or must have been– humidified). This will prepare the tobacco to more readily accept the flame when you in fact light the cigar.

Gently rotate the cigar as you toast it. Be sure to obtain the entire area smoldering. Some people– especially cigar sommeliers– will continue this procedure up until completion of the cigar is totally glowing and sometime bursts into flame of its own accord.

Otherwise, when a whiff of smoke begins to huddle, place the cigar in your mouth, and puff carefully while continuing to rotate the cigar over the suggestion of the flame without letting the flame touch the cigar. As you puff, you will ultimately see the flame flare and fire up the cigar’s foot. Continue to rotate the cigar, till the entire foot is radiant. Now you are prepared to relax with your cigar.

Remember, a cigar is never ever inhaled. The smoke is drunk, like an alright wine, then carefully blown out (breathed out), leaving all the taste on your palate.

Use Cedar Spills

Within a cigar factory, cigars are aged in spaces lined with fragrant Spanish cedar to optimize their scent since the smell of cedar mixes well with tobacco. Cedar also assists to maintain wetness.

This is why many producers place thin sheets of cedar within their cigar boxes. To develop a cedar spill, merely snap or cut a thin strip of cedar from the sheet to take part in a time-honored routine. Light the spill and use the flame from the spill to light your cigar. When lighting a cigar, cedar spills will impart an additional step of spice to your preliminary puffs and will also make you appear like a skilled pro.

Handle the Cigar Band

We choose to leave the band on. Attempting to take it off risks tearing the wrapper. Also, the band supplies a hassle-free recommendation point for holding the cigar. Lastly and maybe most importantly, not just is the band a thing of appeal, it tells others the brand name of cigar you are smoking, a brand you need to be happy to flaunt. Believe of keeping the band on as a tribute to the cigar maker.

Handle the Ash

Although it is great sport to see for how long one can get an ash, there is constantly the threat of an inside “air pocket” triggering the ash to too soon fall off, generally in your lap or on the carpet. Therefore, once your cigar’s ash reaches about an inch in length, discretely tap it off, into an ashtray. If it refuses to budge, leave it alone (it shows that you have a reliable cigar) and continue to smoke for a while longer up until lastly snapping the ash off gently.

If there is no ashtray around, do not worry about ashing a cigar onto the yard; premium cigars are natural, so they will not harm the yard or the soil.

Put Out a Cigar

Never off a fine cigar like a cigarette. Just put the butt in an ashtray and let it go from its own accord. Again, stogies are not made with chemicals that cause them to burn, so simply letting the cigar extinguish itself is the best way to end a terrific cigar cigarette smoking experience.

Relighting A Cigar That Has Headed out

Because a hand rolled cigar is made from pure tobacco, without any chemicals to make it burn, if not puffed and supplied with air, it will ultimately go out. If you try to draw on your cigar and only get a small waft of smoke, just dislodge the ash and relight it. Your best choice remains in relighting a cigar while it is still warm.

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